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Academic Coursework

Academic coursework as be used for continuing education with. All academic coursework must abide by the following guidelines to be accepted for credit: 

  • All coursework must be dietetics-related (related to a Learning Need Code or Performance Indicator from your active Learning Plan).   
  • Courses must be taken at a US regionally accredited college or university (including distance learning) 
  • A course must be completed within your current five-year recertification cycle to receive CPE credit 

All courses should be logged individually under Activity Type 100 with the name of the course as well as the name of the college/university attended. When logging coursework on your Step 4 Activity Log, please be sure to indicate the number of semester, trimester, or quarter credit hours that each class was worth. Academic coursework can be calculated
as follows: 

1 semester credit hour = 15 CPEUs, (for example 3 semester credits are logged for 45 CPEUs) 

1 trimester credit hour = 14 CPEUs 

1 quarter credit hour = 10 CPEUs 

You will be required to present an official transcript to CDR in the event that you are audited, so do please retain a transcript for your documentation. Learn more.

Click here for the full Professionl Development Portfolio Guide.