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Assess and Learn Modules

The Commission on Dietetic Registration's (CDR), Assess and Learn series modules assess what knowledge and skills you currently have in a particular nutrition area, within the context of a case scenario. In addition to self-assessment tools, learning in the areas is provided through the following:

Each multiple choice question is followed by feedback that provides an explanation for why each question option is correct or incorrect, current references and web links for additional information. 

Evidence-based nutrition information, current research literature, and existing government disease-specific consensus guidelines and recommendations are used to support the various courses of action and care.

The Assess and Learn provides feedback on your performance to assist you in determining your current and future learning needs. After completion, you will be able to use your assessment results to help complete the learning needs assessment and establish your learning action plan for CDR's Professional Development Portfolio.  

Learn More at https://www.cdrnet.org/products/assess-learn-online-continuing-education-modules