PDP Activity Types and Associated Guidelines

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Please note that eligibility for credit often times depends on the format of the training. 

With a few exceptions, a basic way to interpret eligibility for credit is to consider if an activity is live or prior-approved/offered by a CDR accredited provider.    

Also, please see the PDP CE criteria below and some descriptions of the most common activity types:  

  • Dietetics-related (corresponds to one of the Learning Need Codes or Performance Indicators on your Learning Plan) 
  • Directed toward the education of professionals (as opposed to that of the lay public) 
  • In keeping with the characteristics of Continuing Professional Education as defined in the CDR’s PDP Guide 

If the activity is a live lecture, seminar (170) or webinar or teleseminar (171):

You may claim credit for presentations given under CPE Activity Type 170 –Lectures/Seminars or CPE Activity Type 171 – Webinar or Teleseminar, provided that these activities were presented live. For any activity which meets the criteria above, an RD/DTR can earn CPE credit for that program, even if that program does not have prior-approval from CDR, Simply log the program in your Activity Log under Activity Type 170 - Lecture/Seminar or Activity Type 171 – Webinar/ Teleseminar, and claim 1 CPEU for every 1 contact hour spent during the activity. Please also retain for your documentation either a certificate of completion or an agenda/timing outline which accurately reflects the number of contact hours spent completing this activity. 

When counting contact hours, please be certain not to include time taken for breaks,
meals, or exams. Only time spent in lecture/workshop may be counted. Learn more.

*For new practitioners credentialed on or after 6/2/18 or existing RDs/ DTRs
starting new cycles on or after 6/1/2019, a RD or DTR has to have been involved
in the planning or presentation of the event if the subject matter presented
addresses diet and nutrition topics. CPE activities offered by American
Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS), American Academy of Family
Physicians (AAFP), American Academy of Nurse Practitioners (AANP), American
Academy of Physician Assistants (AAPA), Organizations accredited by the
Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME), Organizations
accredited by the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education (ACPE), American
Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC), American Psychiatric Association (APA),
American Psychological Association (APA), American Public Health Association
(APHA), pharmacy, dentistry, and speech language pathology societies and
associations are excluded from this requirement. 

If the activity is recorded (non-live) with no evaluative component (175 –
Recorded pre-approved CE) :

If a webinar is not live, but the program had been prior-approved at the time the
presentation was given live and has been subsequently recorded, you may claim
credit for this activity under a new CPE Activity Type – 175. RDs may claim up to 30 CPEUs (20 for NDTRs) under this Activity Type in the course of a given recertification cycle. Recorded activities may be viewed within 3 years of the original date of the live presentation. Again, credit can only be given for these recorded presentations if the program was prior-approved at the time of its live presentation. Learn More.

If the activity is printed, recorded or web-based (non-live with an evaluative
component) – (700 -740 – Self-Study) :

If the material is pre-recorded and incorporates an evaluative component (quiz or
test) and is refereed / professionally content-reviewed, it would cease to be
considered a teleseminar or recording , and instead it would fall under the
category of a self-study program (Activity Types 700-740). Self-study programs can only be awarded CPE credit if they are prior-approved by CDR, offered by one of CDR’s Accredited CPE Providers, or accredited/approved by a number of other accrediting organizations that CDR recognizes* (the accrediting organization as well as the name of the provider should be indicated in your Log). Learn more.

Click here for the full Professionl Development Portfolio Guide.

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