ServSafe Training

1 min. readlast update: 02.20.2020

 ServSafe training can be claimed for CPE credit once per five-year cycle when the training is ... 

  1. Live (happens in real time)* 
  2. Dietetics-related (corresponds to a Performance Indicatoron your Plan) – ultimately, the code you choose is up to you. 
  3. Directed toward the education of professionals (as opposed to that of the lay public) 
  4. In keeping with the characteristics of Continuing Professional Education as defined in the CDR’s PDP Guide RD/DTR can earn CPE credit for that program, even if that program does not have prior-approval from CDR. Simply log the program in your Activity Log under Activity Type 170 - Lecture/Seminar, and claim 1 CPEU for every 1 contact hour spent during the activity. Please also retain for your documentation either a certificate of completion or an
agenda/timing outline which accurately reflects the number of contact hours
spent completing this activity. 

When counting contact hours, please be certain not to include time taken for breaks, meals, or exams. Only time spent in lecture/workshop may be counted. Activities can be claimed once per 5 year cycle (no duplicates). 

A few Servsafe self-studies (web-based 740) have been approved by CDR. Click here for some examples.


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